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The next generation is now actively engaged in agriculture. Changes are taking place in farming and ranching as families are transitioning roles and parts of the operation to sons and daughters, and in some instances, grandsons and granddaughters. College graduates, military veterans, and off-farm job laborers are all part of the new generation of agriculture’s workforce.

If you are involved in any segment of the livestock industry, whether it be as a seed stock operator or pharmaceutical and feed store rep, you need an association that connects with the cow-calf sector, livestock sale barns, and the independent cattle feeders; facilitating a conversation to ensure profitability, viability and prosperity in the 21st century US cattle industry.

What sets the United States Cattlemen’s Association apart from other industry associations?

USCA develops and acts on policy driven by the producer, for the producer, there is no influence from multi-national corporations or processors. USCA has spent the last decade setting the course for a future – not 5, 10 or 15 years out, but for the entire century ahead. Our future generations being born today will live to see the 22nd century and USCA has developed a set of principles that will take us into the 21st and 22nd century and the ability to tackle head-on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Established in March 2007, USCA is committed to concentrating its efforts in Washington, DC - to enhance and expand the cattle industry's voice on Capitol Hill. USCA is managed with the same honesty and transparency with which you run your business. USCA represents your interests without compromising your principles. USCA enjoys broad Capitol Hill access and is regularly asked to advise policy makers on cattle industry issues.

We are committed to serving the best interests of cattle producers and never lets partisan politics or corporate influence stand in the way. USCA has quickly gained a reputation among policy makers as a voice of reason that commands respect.