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USCA to Participate in KCA 17th Annual Convention and Trade Show
Contact: Danni Beer, 202-546-4064 -

USCA (November 19, 2015) – The United State Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) will participate in the upcoming 17th Annual Kansas Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) Annual Convention and Trade Show taking place Saturday, November 21, at the Western Bank Expo Center in Dodge City, Kansas.

USCA Executive Vice President Jess Peterson will represent the association as an invited panelist on the session, “Competition in the Cattle Industry”, occurring Saturday at 10:30am. Peterson will be joined on the panel by National Farmers Union Government Relations Representative Barbara Patterson and Perry Owens, manager and part owner of Ottawa County Feeders in Minneapolis, Kansas. The session, sponsored by McPherson County Feeders, will focus on Livestock Mandatory Price Reporting (MPR) and steps needed to reinstate transparency and competition within current livestock markets and associated trading practices.

USCA EVP Peterson commented on the upcoming event, “On behalf of USCA, I look forward to taking part in this year’s KCA Annual Convention. USCA’s invitation to participate on the Competition panel is especially poignant as the issue remains a key focus of USCA’s efforts in D.C. Recently, USCA took part in an industry-wide effort to address the reauthorization of MPR. While MPR was successfully reauthorized without interruption, USCA will continue to work to address necessary enhancements to the program that were not achieved through the recent process.”

“As the domestic herd continues to expand, it will become increasingly important that market reports representing all sectors of the industry are accurately reported and done so in a timely manner.”

“At the recent USCA Annual Meeting, proposed additions to official USCA policy on Marketing and Competition were introduced. Items now up for consideration by the general membership include: clarification of “committed cattle” to represent the date when agreement is first made, separation of weekly top trades from current formula category; amongst others.”

“The issue of competition within the U.S. cattle industry remains a topic of concern for producers across the country. USCA is committed to working with USDA and the industry to address necessary enhancements and will present these views in Kansas. USCA welcomes the opportunity to speak on this important topic and gain further insight from Kansas producers and KCA.”