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USCA members meet with USDA Under Secretary
Ed Avalos during the April 2012 USCA Fly-In.
Boe Lopez, Adam Redland, Mary Graner, Jess Peterson, Eddie and Debbie Shelton,
Chris Skorupa, Jason Frerichs, and Jon Wooster....Under Secretary Avalos is seated.
USCA members were in Washington, DC in April working hard on cattle industry issues.
 L-R:  Boe Lopez, New Mexico; Chris Skorupa, Montana; Eddie and Debbie Shelton, Virginia;
Congressman Robert Hurt (R-VA), Ann and Brooke Miller, Virginia.
Despite the fact that a fire at the USDA office building had shut down operations for the day,
Under Secretary Ed Avalos chose not to cancel his meeting with USCA representatives
during the April 2012 Fly-In and, instead, moved the meeting outside, under the trees.

Trip To Washington DC
Kelly Fogarty, Pat Becker, Jack Alexander, Brian Malaer, Adam Redland, Heather Hamilton, Francis "Buck" Maher,
Deanna Sents, Allan Sents, Jon Wooster, Jess Peterson, Casey Perman, Kenny Graner, Jason Anderberg,
Adam Johnson, Boe Lopez, Justin Fisher, Andrew Wood, Allen Lund, Chase Adams
Justin Fisher, Chase Adams, Andrew Wood, Adam Redland, Boe Lopez, Heather Hamilton, Francis "Buck" Maher, Allen Lund,
Jason Anderberg, Kelly Fogarty, GIPSA Administrator Dudley Butler, Jess Peterson, Deanna Sents, Allan Sents,
Pat Becker, Jon Wooster, Casey Perman, Kenny Graner, Adam Johnson, Brian Malaer
Jess Peterson, Jon Wooster, Brian Malaer, Allan Sents, Deanna Sents, Chase Adams, Justin Fisher, Casey Perman,
Heather Hamilton, Adam Redland, Kelly Fogarty, Jason Anderberg, Pat Becker, Boe Lopez, Francis "Buck" Maher,
USDA AMS Under Secretary Ed Avalos, Andrew Wood, Adam Johnson, USDA GIPSA Administrator Dudley Butler,
Allen Lund, Kenny Graner, and USDA APHIS Administrator Gregory Parham

Allan Sents, a cattle feeder and USCA Director from Kansas, participates in
a panel discussion during the August 27 DOJ/USDA competition
workshop in Fort Collins Colorado. Click here to read his testimony.