USCA Photos
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L to R: Jess Peterson, US Cattlemen's Association, Roger Johnson, President, Miss America Teresa Scanlan, National Farmers Union; Chandler Goule, VP-Goverment Relations, NFU, Phillip-Hayes, The Hand That Feeds Us  
USCA in front of the White House; Back Row: Jon Wooster, Kelly Fogarty, Destry Brown,
Jess Peterson, Adam Redland, and Eddie Shelton….Front Row: Kathy Waltmon,
Debbie Shelton, Justin Tupper, Deanna Sents, Allan Sents, and Chris Abbott
USCA at USDA; Jess Peterson, USDA APHIS Deputy Administrator Dr. John Clifford,
USDA AMS Deputy Under Secretary John Ferrell, Jon Wooster, Justin Tupper,
USDA GIPSA Administrator Dudley Butler, Kathy Waltmon, Allan Sents, Deanna Sents,
USDA AMS Under Secretary Ed Avalos, Eddie Shelton, Debbie Shelton,
Chris Abbott, Adam Redland, Destry Brown, Kelly Fogarty
USCA at USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS); Eddie Shelton,
Debbie Shelton, Allan Sents, Deanna Sents, Jess Peterson, Chris Abbott,
Adam Redland, USDA AMS Deputy Administrator Craig Morris, USDA AMS Administrator
Rayne Pegg, Justin Tupper, Jon Wooster, Destry Brown, Kathy Waltmon
USCA at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR); Destry Brown, Jess Peterson,
Deanna Sents, Allan Sents, Justin Tupper, USTR Ambassador Isi Siddiqui, Jon Wooster,
Adam Redland, Chris Abbott, Kathy Waltmon, Eddie Shelton, Debbie Shelton
The U.S. Cattlemen's Association "Making Change Work" Washington, DC 2009 Fly-In was held the second week of March. Twenty-six ranchers from 14 states participated in over 60 meetings with members of Congress and the Obama Administration. Participants also met with House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.
  David Edwards, Bryce Gilfillian, Toni Spencer, Charlie Reneau, Peanut Gilfillin, Karen Reneau and Cong. Ted Poe (R-TX)


Peanut Gilfillian, Deputy Under Secretary Michael Scuse,
Jon Wooster, Karen Reneau, Charlie Reneau,
David Edwards and Toni Spencer
Meeting with Terry Stewart
The USCA Delegation Jon Wooster and Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA)

U.S. Cattlemen's Association Holds Second
Annual Membership Meeting
USCA Directors in Las Vegas, NV for the group's annual membership meeting paused for a photo. Left to right back row: Dennis McDonald, Montana; Lee Engelhardt, Washington; Jay Miller, Virginia; Jon Wooster, California; Doug Zalesky, Colorado; Chuck Kiker, Texas. Left to right front row: Mark Ellis, Washington; Jess Peterson, Executive Vice President; Alan Sents, Kansas. Left to Right: Lee Engelhardt, USCA Vice President, Washington; Jane Wooster, Treasurer, California; Jon Wooster, President, California; and Jess Peterson, Executive Vice President, Washington, DC.
Doug Zalesky. USCA Region IV Director and Trade Committee Chairman, during the 2008 USCA membership meeting. Hugh Broadus, Montana, listens to a presentation during the USCA 2008 Membership Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.
Jane Wooster, left, California, visits with Roni Bell Sylvester, Colorado, during the 2008 USCA Membership Meeting. Joel Gill, Mississippi, attending the USCA 2008 Membership Meeting.